“I have been so impressed by all the staff at Monkey Puzzle Twickenham. They are so positive with the children, my daughter loves coming to nursery. I have been especially impressed by the teaching + learning of phonics/number recognition for my daughter. She has learned so much in the short time she has been here and it has made her (and me) keen to reinforce this at home.” Catherine Bradon-Evie’s Mum

“I have found all staff attentive and caring towards both myself and my son. I feel confident that I have made the right choice, particularly with the move to a new area. My son’s transition has been very well supported with the staff selecting activities and toys which encourage him to feel safe and secure. Many Thanks.” Kirsty Crack-Theo’s Mum

“Thank you so much for all your care, enthusiasm and hard work over the last year. Eve has loved attending pre-school and has made enormous progress both in her learning but also in her confidence. You have all been so supportive and positive and Zafira particularly has been so accommodating and flexible to our needs. We have appreciated it so much. Thank you all and we wish you all the best for the future!” Eve’s Mum and Dad

“Thanks for giving Ronnie a great first year at Monkey Puzzle. He has loved all your creative activities, plays and sports stuff. I thought their Graduation play and party last week was so sweet. I always really appreciate the effort you do when you have little parties for the children and parents. Thank you so much! ” Ronnies Mum

“There is currently a great team at the nursery and I am very happy with Zafira, the new manager, her friendly approach with parents and her commitment to work. I would also like to praise Kamjeet and Vivienne – two key workers in Tweenies who I have found to be exceptionally helpful and attentive to my daughter. Lyla is very attached to them and this is especially important for us as a family when she is already adjusting to having a new sibling at home. At a time of change, these seemingly little things have an important impact on toddlers Lyla’s age we think. So a big well done and thank you to the aforementioned for going the extra mile for us!” Sana Foss Smith-Lyla & Zak’s Mum

“You create a very happy and friendly environment and there are always lots of activates organised to keep the children stimulated.” Louise Gheorghiu- Leo’s Mum

“Nihal has integrated really quickly and easily into his new nursery. We are very happy with your pro-active management of his development based on detailed observations of his behaviour.” Navjit & Arik Dondi- Nihal’s Parents

“Thank you so much for the Mother’s Day key ring, it was very thoughtful present!” Rachel Pyatt – Joseph’s Mum

Thanks also for looking after Lyla for so many years. She loves her nursery and everyone in it. Lyla and Zak’s Mum and Dad